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Your technology should be an asset, not a burden...

   Your practice's technology should be an asset, not a burden.  When you make an investment in professionally configured and installed hardware and software, it should be reliable.  When your technology operates as intended; the result is an improved level or morale for your staff as well as an increased level of satisfaction and confidence for your patients.

The "triage" approach...

   When we first meet (and any time our support is requested thereafter) we'll "triage" the problems; assigning an appropriate degree of urgency to each. Together we'll decide the order in which the problems will be corrected.

Follow up...

   After making certain that your networks and systems are operating in an efficient and secure manner, we'll follow up on a regular basis to verify that your technology is behaving as it should (and see if you have any additional needs/plans at that time or in the future.)

   This follow up will not be obtrusive in any way.  We'll typically send an e-mail to check in.  If we do find ourselves in your neighborhood we may drop in to touch base as well.

   With the increase in cloud-storage technologies, annual software licensing and other tools that may require periodic renewal; we will do our best to assist you in keeping track.  We'll also assist with reminders as well as perform the updates and patch installations if desired.

A note about Managed Service Plans (MSPs)...

   When the job is done right you should NOT have a need for frequent support / repairs.  We focus on getting your network and systems setup with the appropriate hardware and software to begin with.

   Phoenix Dental IT prefers to see its clients invest in their capital assets instead of paying for a service plan each month that they may not even use.

Learn more...

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